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A supplier of quality fruit and vegetable packaging products for both the domestic and export markets, Cosmic Packaging also provides a range of services to make sure all your packaging needs are met.

Delivery Services

Tailored delivery services to work around your schedule. Whether you require same day or urgent delivery of your order, our team is on hand to help. Pickup is also welcome.

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Sourcing New Products

Although we have a diverse range of packing products at our warehouse, our customers often have their own unique packaging requirements. We’re highly experienced at sourcing fruit and vegetable packaging from all around the world for our clients.

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Custom Design

Custom design to suit your specific branding requirements. We know just how important brand design, recognition and trust is. With the marketplace as competitive as ever, we can help with all your custom design needs.

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Developing New Products

New product development in response to our customers’ needs. For example, we have developed the Cosmic Punnet and American-style Bunch Bag to cater for specific customer requests.

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Cosmic Packaging is open 7 days a week, in the peak seasons throughout the year.

Providing high quality, affordable fresh produce packaging

Whether we have what you are looking for in our existing product range or need to source a highly specific product for you, Cosmic Packaging prides itself on finding innovative solutions to your fruit and vegetable packaging needs.

Not only does Cosmic Packaging have an extensive range of packaging to cater for its customer base, we also source specific packaging products and develop new products. If you’re looking for a particular packaging item not currently in our range, please contact us today to discuss your needs! We’re more than happy to research and find any new item to suit your requirements.

All our fresh produce packaging is:

High Quality

A local, experienced supplier of fruit and vegetable packaging, we only supply high quality products that protect and take care of what is "inside the box".

Locally and Internationally Sourced

We source packaging from both local and international markets to ensure you, the client, is presented with the best products and that packaging is fit-for-purpose.

Competitively Priced

At Cosmic Packaging we know the importance of friendly pricing without comprising quality.

Direct Supplier Relationships

We deal directly with our suppliers, visiting them throughout the year to ensure product quality is kept to the highest of standards.

Delivery Options

Cosmic Packaging offers a range of delivery options to suit your requirements. We have a variety of vehicles and a friendly team to deliver your product when you need it.

We are open 7 days a week, right throughout the year, to deliver your fruit and vegetable packaging directly to you.

No need to worry about sourcing fresh produce packaging in a flash, either. We provide a number of different packaging delivery options to get your items to you.


We know how important it is to keep the production line going and just how inconvenient and costly it can be when you run out of packaging essentials. For this reason, we have a same day delivery service for your packaging order.


There are times when our customers need to get their orders out "yesterday", only to find out they have run out of packaging products. This is why we provide an urgent delivery service option for your packaging order. Please don’t hesitate to ask our team if you require an urgent delivery!


We also offer a pick-up service if you’re calling by our warehouse. Why not pop-in, have a cuppa and see what is new while your goods are arranged on your own vehicle.

Custom Design

The Cosmic Packaging team are proud to provide our customers with quality custom design, specifically tailored to suit your produce and branding.

Some custom design services we provide include:

Customised Logo Design

Nothing brands fresh produce better than an aptly designed and professional logo. From colours to image representations, the logo signals to customers and retailers what your brand is all about.

Lid Design

In many instances the lid is seen first or is most visible. As such, the design of the lid is as important as the container or box. We work with our customers to ensure that the overall look of their packaging is the right one for them.

Box Thickness and Strength

Packaging thickness and strength is a prime consideration when designing your box.

Printing Quality

To represent your fresh produce fittingly, we let clients determine the quality of the printing they require.


We provide a design service for stickers. These can also be printed for punnets.

Cosmic Packaging’s design consists of:

In-House Design

All packaging design is performed in-house

Fast Turnaround

The design process takes approximately two weeks

Design Viewing

Discussions about your design is done onsite and on a screen. Customers are able to see firsthand what their product will look like prior to ordering.

If you’re looking for a remarkable, custom-designed standout product, please contact Cosimo or come into our warehouse for an in-depth discussion.

Custom Design Box Lids

Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid Custom Design Box Lid

Custom Design Bunch Bags

Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags Custom Design Bunch Bags

Custom Design Trays

Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays Custom Design Trays

Custom Design Logos

Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo Custom Design Logo

Sourcing New Products

Having looked after customers for 20 years, we're confident we can locate the right packaging for you.

Can't find a particular fruit and vegetable packaging item that you need?

Don’t know where to start the research process in order to find it?

Have a specific vision in mind but don't know if it exists?

Don't worry! Cosmic Packaging is on hand to help you and can source the right packaging for your requirements.

At Cosmic Packaging, our team:

  • Works alongside our suppliers, knowing their products and quality standards intimately.
  • Sources quality products from our trusted factories, having worked closely with them over the years.
  • Has an in-depth knowledge of the market and innovative packaging products that are out there.
  • Uses both local and international suppliers to guarantee we’re getting the items to suit your specific packaging goals.
  • Works closely with customers to achieve and exceed packaging expectations.
  • Sources competitively priced packaging products.

When sourcing a new product, we allocate a sample turnaround time of approximately 3-4 weeks.

Cosmic Packaging is also expanding our product range to suit our customers' needs! Please contact Cosimo for further discussion regarding our new product range.

Developing New Products

At Cosmic Packaging, we also develop new fruit and vegetable packaging products to cater for your fresh produce.

While we do stock a variety of packaging items and are able to source specific packaging from both local and international suppliers, the fact is that in some instances, we might not have the exact type of packaging you require.

Perhaps you like a product you see on our shelves but think it needs a little tweaking to make it perfect.


The team at Cosmic Packaging have developed new packaging products for a wide range of customers to suit their produce needs. And, they can do this for you too.

Here are two case studies that demonstrate our skills when it comes to developing new packaging products for our clients:

Case Study One The Cosmic Punnet

We developed the Cosmic Punnet to provide additional protection and functionality to the traditional punnet. With a click-in function, the punnet has a sturdy design that won’t click open once full of produce. Air holes are present for best practice ventilation, while the punnet fits into a standard size box.

Case Study Two The Bunch Bag

In 2015, the team at Cosmic Packaging developed an American-style Bunch Bag for table grapes. A packaging product that provides customised design for branding and customer convenience, this bunch bag presents the fruit clearly to the customer and comes in a high quality gloss finish. It is manufactured with strong and durable material, is in a stand-up bag and has reinforced handles.